I grew up with a love for super heroes, specifically Superman and the Justice League.  When my son turned 5 I started to develop my own super heroes and made a few coloring books. There are 4 leagues of super heroes that I have designed. All combined they are a part of the Forces of Nature Super Hero Series.

The Skycasters – A gang of people who are all weather forcasters by day, and super heroes by night.  Members Include: Sky Blue, Stormfront, Starry Knight, Overcast, Sunset, and Lightnin Storm

The Disasterz – A bands of bad guys trying rip apart the world through madness and mayhem. Members Include: Category 5, Tsunami, Big Tremor, Mudslide, Blizzardo, and Black Blizzard

The Storm Men – all people who have been through sever weather events that changed their lives forever and left them with extreme powers.  Members Include: Thunder Man, Gale Force, Hail Storm, Boltz, and Black Cloud

The Destructores – A gang of villains who thrive on destroying everything in their path. Members Include: Destructo, Sister Twister, Forest Fire, Eruptore, and Severe Storm