Final thoughts on the World Cup

It started out slow but there were some incredible games. Netherlands vs Uruguay was amazing.  The final was disappointing to me because I had picked Holland to win it all, and it seemed as if they were the refs choice, but oh well they played very well.  USA is not even close.  We were in a weak group and struggled to get out.  We gave up early goals in every game.  Why are we starting games trying to be tactical?  Just play with athleticism, skill, and aggression that we do once we are down in the game!!  Italy, and France didn’t even belong in the World Cup.  Ivory Coast one of my favorites because of Drogba got a raw deal, playing the number 1 and number 3 ranked teams first.    Ok this is all old news anyway but I had fun during the World Cup making a whole series of cartoons.  So here is the World Cup Series 1 in all of it’s glory!  Now bring on the Premier League!

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