“Pride leads to disgrace but with humility comes wisdom.”  Proverbs 11:2

I was asked to run some activities for a local pre-school for their physical fitness week.  I did my usual routine and brought a costume and did one of my alter ego characters named “Marty”.  Marty is a blind ref that continues to enforce rules even when there is no game.  Marty was a huge hit, maybe not with the kids but the teachers watching the skit thought it was hilarious and this only fed my ego as I continued to look for more and more laughs. I left that day feeling pretty proud of myself and thinking how funny I was.  When I picked up my own kids from school that day, I saw a few of the moms who continued to build me up about how great and funny I had been. I had a conversation with one of the moms from the pre-school outside and was thinking I would never wanna be famous. But, I really enjoyed all of the laughter that day. As I left that conversation I had a quick thought of “Lord keep me humble.”  I walked my kids to the car and we backed out to head home like we always do.  CRRREEEeeekk! That’s the awful sound I heard as I backed out!  OH NO!!! I looked around to see who had seen my stupidity.  There stood the mom who had just commented on how funny I was earlier.  “Was that your car?”  “Yeah that’s mine.”  “Oh crap!! Sorry!”  Pride brings disgrace…I haven’t been that humiliated in a while.  I think next time I’ll choose humility from the start, and get the wisdom that comes with it.

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