A Crazy, Busy, Fun, and Exciting Birthday Weekend!

I turned 35 yesterday. I guess that means I not a kid anymore, but I still feel like one at heart. Friday we celebrated with some McDonalds and a trip to see AstroBoy. It was actually a great family movie, Jay especially loved it. Saturday my under 10 team tied their soccer game making it 4 weeks without a loss. Nae scored an amazing goal over the keepers head, and we capped off Saturday with over 100 kids at the Skybacher Ministries Dodgeball Blast. Yesterday we won our 6:30 am indoor soccer game 5-4 at the buzzer. Ty had the game tying goal, as he knifed his way through the defense and rocketed one home. The Steelers won, and we closed things out with another Dodgeball tournament only this time with 40 elementary kids. So, I guess just because I’m 35 doesn’t mean I can’t like scoring goals, McDonalds, playing dodgeball and watching kids movies about a robot-super-hero-boy!!

Goals, Bocce, and Dancing!

Great day today!! Ty’s under 10 team beat a Seneca Valley team 4-0.  He scored a goal on a direct kick.  Ty and I left there and headed to Renae and Julia’s game.  Nae got mad and just ran wild on the other team for 3 goals.  She really is amazing!!! (Yes I am a proud dad).  Julia also scored.  Then we went to a little party for one of Kristie’s cousins.  The kids played bocce the whole time and had a blast.  It was fun to watch.  Our night ended with a trip to church.  Northway Christian Community. (I love that place).  We went to FM Live a program for the kids, with songs, and skits. Jay was dancin his but off.  So cute!!  A great day!  Thank you Lord!

Keeping It All in Perspective

I’m half way through another soccer season.  Actually my 13th year as the head coach of the Freedom Varsity Girls Team.  Each year I forget how challenging things can be, and yet how awesome of a game soccer is.  We’re having a tough year so far at 2-4 and I’ve worked very hard to try to get the girls to understand that I’m ok with them having fun, and yet I see all that they can be.  That is a very tough balance to convey.  I pray that I can be more encouraging as the season goes on, and that the results will show on the field.  I thank God for the opportunity to be involved in such a great game!