Chelsea – Player of the Year – Willian

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Willian – Chelsea

It’s been a rough season for my beloved Chelsea.  So many storylines and not many of them good.  I love what Jose Morinho has done for the club and will always be grateful, but I also think that his ego has gotten the best of him in this case and something needed to change.  All that said Willian has shown the heart and hard work ethic that first drew me to become a Chelsea fan!  Let’s hope it begins to rub off onto the rest of the squad.  Here’s my latest Willian cartoon vector.

C’mon Chelsea!

pogba chelsea, chelsea fc clipart

Pogba – Chelsea?

I so wanted to see this happen this transfer window, but it doesn’t look like it will.  Anyways what I really hope is that Chelsea FC get their act together! They look uninterested in winning anything again, which I can’t understand.  Where are you Eden Hazard? What’s going on Ivanovic?  Shoot the ball Costa!!  Pass to our team Fabregas!  Blue is the Color!


Chelsea FC – Champions Cartoon Vector

They are my favorite team, and I don’t care how boring you think they are, they win!!! This cartoon vector collage is in honor of Chelsea’s Premier League title! Congratulations boys.  I was hoping to add a few more players and might eventually but this was all I have!

Chelsea FC Champion 14/15

Chelsea FC Champion 14/15